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Jan-Mar 2012

The following videos have been previously featured on the SMMGP Home Page, and are relevant to those working in the area of substance misuse in the UK. They are presented below in the order they were featured, with the newest at the top.

More recent videos are still available on the main Featured Videos page.

Please note that the older the video the more likely it is that its content is no longer relevant, and that in some cases the video itself may no longer be available.

Home Affairs Select Committee on Drugs Policy

Featured Video: 26-Mar-2012
Evidence given to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Drugs Policy on 22-Mar-2012 including Clare Gerada, Owen Bowden-Jones and BMA representative.
At 11.00am
- Professor Averil Mansfield, Chair of the Board of Science, British Medical Association
- Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist, Addictions Directorate of the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, Chair, Faculty of Addictions, Royal College of Psychiatrists
- Dr Clare Gerada, Chair, Royal College of GPs
At 11.40am
- Paul Hayes, Chief Executive, National Treatment Agency

Harm Reduction and Me - Gerry Stimson

Featured Video: 19-Mar-2012
Gerry Stimson, one of the architects of harm reduction in the UK, reflects on some of the things that influenced him.

Drug Users and Research

Featured Video: 12-Mar-2012
Neil Hunt talks about an encounter with a drug user that transformed his thinking about the research he was doing in the early 1990's about needle sharing.

Addiction: Helping a Loved One

Featured Video: 05-Mar-2012
Adfam Chief Executive talks on helping a family member.

Overcoming Drug Addiction: Darren's Recovery Story

Featured Video: 27-Feb-2012
Darren, a young man from Grimsby, tells how he reclaimed his life and rebuilt relationships with family.

User Voice - London Probation Consultation

Featured Video: 20-Feb-2012
As part of London Probation Trust's Offender Engagement Project, a consultation was run by User Voice between February and April 2011. For further info, see

The Role of GPs in the Recovery Process

Featured Video: 13-Feb-2012
SMMGP acted as advisors to the RSA on this short film, which came out of their Whole Person Recovery project, about the role of GPs in the recovery process.

Hep C - The Facts

Featured Video: 06-Feb-2012
Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team and DMC Media produced this piece of work to inform and educate individuals who may have Hepatitis C or are thinking of going on the interferon treatment. The story follows two people from Lancashire who share their experience of going on the treatment and how they got through it.

Lancashire User Forum DVD Promo

Featured Video: 30-Jan-2012
Introducing the Lancashire User Forum (LUF).

Martin Routledge on the Possibilities for the Personalisation Agenda

Featured Video: 23-Jan-2012
Martin suggests that Personalisation can be extended beyond Health and Social Care to achieve both efficiency and improved outcomes.

John Strang - Drug Policy and the Public Good

Featured Video: 16-Jan-2012
Professor John Strang, National Addiction Centre talks about his work over the past 5 years reviewing the evidence for effective treatment interventions.

Drug Consumption Rooms for the UK?

Featured Video: 09-Jan-2012
Neil Hunt gives a comprehensive presentation on issues and history surrounding Drug Consumption Rooms in the UK, at the HIT Hot Topics seminar in Liverpool (17 November 2011).

How the Amsterdam Drug Scene Changed 1975-2010

Featured Video: 02-Jan-2012
Independent consultant, and long-time drug activist, John-Peter Kools takes a walk up one of Amsterdam's oldest streets, the Zeedijk, outlining the history of the heroin based street drug scene that began there in around 1975. He documents the changes and significant events over the years, and explains how and why the street drug scene in central Amsterdam came to an end. A glimpse into the fascinating social history behind what is now one of Amsterdam's most popular tourist areas.