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Apr-Jun 2012

The following videos have been previously featured on the SMMGP Home Page, and are relevant to those working in the area of substance misuse in the UK. They are presented below in the order they were featured, with the newest at the top.

More recent videos are still available on the main Featured Videos page.

Please note that the older the video the more likely it is that its content is no longer relevant, and that in some cases the video itself may no longer be available.

Harm Reduction & Me - Magdalena Harris

Featured Video: 25-Jun-2012
Magdalena Harris talks honestly and openly about her experiences with harm reduction. These include injecting heroin in New Zealand, getting a hep C diagnosis and eventually deciding to get treatment. She also talks about her treatment with methadone and becoming a researcher at the Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour, based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

MP Anne Milton addresses the LJWG Conference

Featured Video: 18-Jun-2012
Anne Milton MP, Public Health Minister addresses the London Joint Working Group on Substance Misuse and Hepatitis C (LJWG) Conference in November 2011.

NHS Future Forum Report on Integrated Care

Featured Video: 11-Jun-2012
Steve Field, GP and Chair of the NHS Futures Forum speaks on integrated health care, and primary care leadership (January 2012).

Dr Sharon Stancliff of the Harm Reduction Coalition

Featured Video: 04-Jun-2012
Interview with Dr Sharon Stancliff of the Harm Reduction Coalition.

How I Found A Way Out

Featured Video: 28-May-2012
Four inspiring stories of recovery.

This Is Maria. She Will End the War on Drugs

Featured Video: 21-May-2012
Maria is a composite character based on many Mexican victims of the drug war - their words and actions - who together are organizing to end the war, including Javier Sicilia, Maria Herrera and Julian LeBaron.

Save Lives with Naloxone (Swansea Drugs Project)

Featured Video: 14-May-2012
A documentary looking at drug use and how Naloxone can be used to save the lives of opiate users in overdose situations. Naloxone has the potential to save lives and is increasingly being accepted as a valuable intervention in efforts to reduce overdoses and drug related deaths.

UN Drug Czar: Detention Centers Must Be Closed

Featured Video: 07-May-2012
Yuriy Fedotov, executive director of UNODC, urges Asian governments to close down forced detention centers and instead provide access to evidence-based treatment.

Substance Misuse is Not Just a Brain Disease

Featured Video: 30-Apr-2012
Dr Andrew Tatarsky talks about his model of integrative harm reduction psychotherapy and says addiction is not just a brain disease.

Giving Hope to Drug Users in Moscow

Featured Video: 23-Apr-2012
The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) visited Moscow last year and produced a movie to promote the work of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, the only NGO that provides clean needles for drug users in Moscow.

Motivational Interviewing - William Miller

Featured Video: 16-Apr-2012
William Miller talks about how Motivational Interviewing helps people resolve their ambivalence about changing addictive behaviors.

Development Orientated Drug Services

Featured Video: 09-Apr-2012
Neil Hunt describes a way of conceptualising drug services which helps to reconcile perceived tensions between harm reduction and recovery.

Harm Reduction and Me - Dr Jenny Scott

Featured Video: 02-Apr-2012
Dr Jenny Scott, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Medicines Use at the University of Bath, talks about how she sees harm reduction as a practical, common sense, effective intervention, that reduces risks and produces public health benefits.