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Jan-Mar 2013

The following videos have been previously featured on the SMMGP Home Page, and are relevant to those working in the area of substance misuse in the UK. They are presented below in the order they were featured, with the newest at the top.

More recent videos are still available on the main Featured Videos page.

Please note that the older the video the more likely it is that its content is no longer relevant, and that in some cases the video itself may no longer be available.

Invitation to Vilnius

Featured Video: 25-Mar-2013
Dasha Ocheret of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network invites you to the International Harm Reduction Conference, June 9-10 2013.

Future Cities and the Public Health - Lessons from the past

Featured Video: 18-Mar-2013
Professor John Ashton gives the Alison Chesney & Eddie Killoran memorial lecture at the City Health Conference 2012.

The If Debate - If... Drugs Were Legal

Featured Video: 11-Mar-2013
The IF series of drama-documentaries examines the existing problems with drug prohibition and hears the arguments in favor of legalization.

Ryan Campbell from RAPt on PbR

Featured Video: 04-Mar-2013
Ryan Campbell of the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust provides a perspective on PbR from a voluntary sector drug treatment provider.

Explaining the Science of Addiction

Featured Video: 25-Feb-2013
Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse describes the scientific foundation for the President's National Drug Control Strategy.

Is PbR a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut?

Featured Video: 18-Feb-2013
Nicola Singleton of the UK Drug Policy Commission has been involved in the drug recovery PbR pilots. She gives her views on a PbR approach to drug treatment commissioning.

Phil Hanlon Q&A

Featured Video: 11-Feb-2013
Prof. Phil Hanlon's Q&A session at City Health 2012, chaired by Annette Dale-Perera. Questions come from a range of harm reduction activists.

"Afternow" - What's Next for the Health of Society?

Featured Video: 04-Feb-2013
Prof. Phil Hanlon from the University of Glasgow discusses problems such as obesity, addictions, loss of wellbeing and inequalities.

Digitalising the NHS: The New Imperative

Featured Video: 28-Jan-2013
Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, delivers his first keynote speech of 2013 outlining a strategy for using new technologies to help improve patient care services.

Duncan Selbie Q&A

Featured Video: 21-Jan-2013
Q&A session with Duncan Selbie Chief Executive of Public Health England at the City Health Conference 2012. Questions come from a range of harm reduction activists.

The Future of Public Health in England

Featured Video: 07-Jan-2013
Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England outlines his vision for Public Health England. Filmed at the City Health Conference, London, October 2012.