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Oct-Dec 2013

The following videos have been previously featured on the SMMGP Home Page, and are relevant to those working in the area of substance misuse in the UK. They are presented below in the order they were featured, with the newest at the top.

More recent videos are still available on the main Featured Videos page.

Please note that the older the video the more likely it is that its content is no longer relevant, and that in some cases the video itself may no longer be available.

What is a PMA death?

Featured Video: 30-Dec-2013
What is a PMA death? Drugsmeter investigates.

Matthew Perry on Drug Courts

Featured Video: 23-Dec-2013
Panel hosted by Policy Exchange includes Drug Court reformer Matthew Perry (actor best known for "Friends").

We Have Reached the Marijuana Policy Tipping Point

Featured Video: 16-Dec-2013
Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance speaks at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Stigma and Discrimination of Injecting Drug Users

Featured Video: 09-Dec-2013
A short video of professionals and drug users discussing the impact of stigma and discrimination towards people who inject drugs.

Dr Roy Robertson Responds to Michel Kazatchkine

Featured Video: 02-Dec-2013
Dr Roy Robertson responds to Prof Michel Kazatchkine at City Health 2013 and tells of an HIV epidemic that was reversed.

AIDS: Global Progress, Local Challenges

Featured Video: 25-Nov-2013
Professor Michel Kazatchkine gives the annual Alison Chesney & Eddie Killoran Memorial Lecture at the City Health Conference, Glasgow 2013.

Charles Gore: World Hepatitis Alliance Video for Thalassemia Int'l Federation

Featured Video: 18-Nov-2013
Charles Gore, Chief Exec of the Hep C Trust, explains the World Hepatitis Alliance's role and the need for increased action on viral hepatitis.

AWP Peer Mentors: Sean's Film

Featured Video: 11-Nov-2013
A graduate from the Bristol SDAS Peer Mentor programme, now a Service User Involvement Worker, uses his experience of using drugs and alcohol to help service users.

Reform Conference 2013

Featured Video: 04-Nov-2013
Over 1000 drug policy reformers came to Denver, Colorado to discuss an exit strategy from the war on drugs. Drugreporter's video features the best of the 2013 IDPC conference.

Commissioning & Policy in England Update

Featured Video: 28-Oct-2013
John Jolly gives a bleak assessment of the implications of the new localism agenda for drug & alcohol treatment in England, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".

Wesley Perkins Interview on Social Norms

Featured Video: 21-Oct-2013
Prof Wesley Perkins speaks about the social norms approach to promoting health and preventing problem behaviours.

An Intro to Smart Recovery by Curtis Boudreau at

Featured Video: 14-Oct-2013
A helpful and powerful introduction to the basics of SMART recovery from Curtis Boudreau.

Clare Gerada at RCGP Annual Conference

Featured Video: 07-Oct-2013
RCGP Chairwoman Prof Clare Gerada calls for more support for general practice and set outs her vision for its future at the RCGP Annual Conference 03-05 Oct 2013.