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Apr-Jun 2014

The following videos have been previously featured on the SMMGP Home Page, and are relevant to those working in the area of substance misuse in the UK. They are presented below in the order they were featured, with the newest at the top.

More recent videos are still available on the main Featured Videos page.

Please note that the older the video the more likely it is that its content is no longer relevant, and that in some cases the video itself may no longer be available.

Alcohol and Depression

Featured Video: 30-Jun-2014
Dr Connor Farren talks about the relationship between the consumption of alcohol and depression, and explains the thinking behind the terminolgy "Alcohol Use Disorder" (AUD).

Alcohol: Without The Hangover?

Featured Video: 23-Jun-2014
"Using science to reduce the harms of alcohol". Debate and Discussion with Professor David Nutt, 19-02-14.

West Africa has a Drug Problem

Featured Video: 16-Jun-2014
West Africa Commission on Drugs 12-June-2014: An animated infographic report.

Recovery from Problem Gambling

Featured Video: 09-Jun-2014
Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Founder and Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic, talks to Owen Baily about his past gambling experiences and problems.

Reflections: Chapter 2 - Spirituality

Featured Video: 02-Jun-2014
Ernie Kurtz (AA historian and author) and Bill White (Senior Research Consultant at Chestnut Health Systems) discuss the concept of spirituality in the 12 Step Programme.

Reflections: Chapter 1 - The Early History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Featured Video: 26-May-2014
Ernie Kurtz (AA historian and author) on the History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

An Intro to Smart Recovery

Featured Video: 19-May-2014
A helpful and powerful introduction to the basics of SMART recovery from Curtis Boudreau at

Eliminating Hepatitis C Within a Generation

Featured Video: 12-May-2014
Panel discussion and debate from the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use & Hepatitis C (LJWG) Satellite Symposium at the EASL Congress, 11-Apr-2014.

The Youth Alcohol Summit

Featured Video: 05-May-2014
The First Youth Alcohol Summit in February 2014, coordinated by "It's the Drink Talking".

Drugs, Harms and Youth

Featured Video: 28-Apr-2014
How many young people use drugs in Europe and what harm reduction services are available for them?

Before The Fall

Featured Video: 21-Apr-2014
Daren Garratt asks... Whatever happened to user activism?

Treating the "Difficult to Treat"

Featured Video: 14-Apr-2014
Jeff Powis - "A Prospective Study of a Community-Based, Collaborative Care, Group Support Model of HCV Treatment & Education". 3rd Canadian Symposium on HCV, 07-Feb-2014.

Doctors Demand Change in Policy

Featured Video: 07-Apr-2014
"Physicians all over the world must come together to demand the removal of unnecessary red tape blocking access to essential medicines".