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Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Supporting good practice in drug and alcohol treatment

General Problems with the Web Site

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What do I need to see this site properly?

This web site is best viewed on a monitor displaying a resolution of at least 1,000x600 pixels. If your screen resolution is much less than this, then you may need to 'scroll' the web pages sideways to be able to see all the text.

Style sheets are used to control the layout of the web pages, and javaScript is used to create the main drop-down menu. This means that some older browser versions may not display the site properly.

Please Contact Us if things don't seem to be working as they should!

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What should I do if I find a mistake on the site?

If you've come across something on the web site which doesn't seem to be working properly (e.g. a link that doesn't work), or you've found an annoying spelling mistake, please Contact Us so we can try and fix things.