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Local Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: This page is no longer being updated with new content. Existing content will remain for reference purposes.

This section provides examples of local treatment/shared care guidelines. These are usually produced in order to create a clear medico legal structure within which practitioners can work with confidence. They are meant purely as illustrations. It is not intendeded that these guidelines should be replicated in their entirity by other areas, as guidelines need to be developed in the light of local need and history. However we hope they are of use in terms of giving a feel for the kind of content and structure involoved.

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Access the Local Guidelines

The following items are arranged in alphabetical order by locality.

The Kakoty Practice Barnsley Clinical Management Plans
- Supplied by the Kakoty Practice.
Includes blank clinical management plan, plus plans for Lofexidine, Naltrexone & Subutex
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 312K)
Liverpool Drug Misuse Taskforce Liverpool Guidelines
- Supplied by the Liverpool Drug Misuse Taskforce.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 127K)
Oxfordshire DAAT Oxfordshire Shared Care Clinical Guidance for Substance Misuse: A Resource Pack
- Supplied by the Oxfordshire DAAT in conjunction with the five Oxfordshire PCTs (Updated July 2006).
The local guidance is based on recommendations from the Drug Misuse and Dependence - Guidelines on Clinical Management DH 1999, Models of Care NTA 2004, Hidden Harm 2003 and guidance produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 705K)
Oxfordshire DAAT nGMS: Shared Care in Oxfordshire
Update & Additional Information to Report on Shared Care for Meeting on 22nd March
- Supplied by the Oxfordshire DAAT (Mar 2004)
This provides an update and additional information on Shared Care in Oxfordshire. It includes a summary of the different ways that shared care operates in the three localities (the south, the City and the north). It also outlines the current situation with regards the funding of Scared Care and provides contact details for further information.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 24K)
Plymouth Primary Care Trust Plymouth Primary Care Substance Misuse Guide Book
- Supplied by Plymouth Primary Care Trust.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 4.9MB)

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Notes About the Local Guidelines

The appearance of documents on this page does not imply that the SMMGP endorse their content.

Copyright of the documents remain with the originating bodies, who have kindly allowed us to reproduce them on this web site. Please contact the relevent body if you would like to reproduce any of the Local Guidelines.

Some of the Guidelines can be read online (Read Online), whilst others can be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat Document) documents for viewing and/or printing in their original format.

Please see Help with Download Documents if you need more information.

Great care is taken to try and ensure all information contained in these documents is correct at the time they are published, but that details may change over time. The older the document, the more likely it is that details such as contact names and addresses, or links to 3rd party web sites, may have altered.