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Conference Reports & Presentations:
Non-Medical Prescribing in Substance Misuse (Jul 2006)

12 July 2006, Wembley
Conference held by the Association of Nurses in Substance Abuse (ANSA) in partnership with Substance Misuse Management Project (SMP) and sponsored by Brent DAAT.

A number of presentations and workshop documents from the event are available to download below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (labelled "PDF"). Please see Help with the download versions if you need more information.

Supplementary Prescribing Beverley Harniman Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 602K)
Prescribing By Substance Misuse Nurses Dr June Crown Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 29K)
Non-Medical Prescribing: The Story So Far Shan Barcroft Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 74K)
The Kakoty Practice Simon Greasley Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 1.4MB)
Non-Medical Prescribing for Pharmacists & Nurses - Taking it Forward! Shan Barcroft & Stephane Ibanez-de-Benito Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 99K)
This House Believes that ALL Substance Misuse Prescribing Should Only Be Done by Medical Doctors Dr Chris Ford Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 225K)
Inter-Professional Prescribing Virginia Radcliffe Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 73K)