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Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Supporting good practice in drug and alcohol treatment

Conference Reports & Presentations:
NTA, RCGP & West Midlands Prescribing Seminar (Nov 2006)

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7 November 2006, Birmingham
Held by the National Treatment Agency (NTA) in conjunction with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

A number of presentations and workshop documents from the event are available to download below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (labelled "PDF"). Please see Help with the download versions if you need more information.

Detoxification Dr Keron Fletcher Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 47K)
Developing & Implementing a Trainee Scheme for Drug Workers 2003-2006 Patrick Reihill Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 99K)
Hepatitis Screening & Immunisation - The Sleeping Giant Kate Halliday Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 116K)
Heresy, Dogma & the Inquisition - Supervised Consumption & Dose Assessment of Methadone Nigel Modern Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 250K)
Sharing the Care - Getting the Mix Right: The Roles of the Team Annie Steele Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 293K)
Psychology & Addiction in Substance Misuse - The Role of Psychological Therapies in Working with Drug & Alcohol Misusing Clients Anne Maclachlan Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 25K)
The Journey Through Treatment Dr Steve Brinksman Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 796K)
Young People & Prescribing Emma Walker & Ali Buswell Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 36K)