SMMGP - Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Supporting good practice in drug and alcohol treatment

Conference Reports & Presentations:
RCGP 10th National Conference (Apr 2005)

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

Managing Drug Users in General Practice
10 Years On: Looking Back, Moving Forward

28-29 April 2005
Novotel Convention Centre, Hammersmith, London
Conference organised by the RCGP Sex Drugs & HIV working Group

A number of presentations, workshop notes and other documents from the conference are available to download below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (labelled "PDF"). Please see Help with the download versions if you need more information.

Consensus Statement RCGP Sex Drugs & HIV Working Group Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 464K)
Primary Care & Drug Miuse - The Past, the Present & the Future Dr Clare Gerada Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 9.7MB)
The Role of the Shared Care Coordinator RCGP Sex Drugs & HIV Working Group
A Consensus statement from a workshop for shared care coordinators. It outlines the role of the shared care coordinator in the development of treatment services, and looks at training and development issues.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 32K)
The New GMS Contract (LESsies & NESsies) Jim Barnard & Roisin Reynolds
This workshop explored the effects of the nGMS contract over the last year. There was a national overview presentation. after this participants were asked to share their experience and to record the situation in their areas. The responses of the delegates representing 24 localities have been analysed and are presented here.
Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 29K)