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Conference Reports & Presentations:
SMMGP Training Day (May 2011)

Problematic Use of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication,
Benzodiazepines and Other Prescribed Medications:
How Do We Manage These Increasing Problems?

Wednesday 11 May 2011
Majestic Hotel, Harrogate
Event organised by SMMGP

A training day to look at the issues involved in drugs that are not necessarily termed illicit.

The new Drug Strategy rightfully identifies the problematic use of OTC medications and prescription drugs, and calls for services to develop to meet the needs of the group of patients who can develop serious problems with these medications. This day looked at what we know and what we can offer.

A number of presentations and other documents from the event are available to download below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (labelled "PDF"). Please see Help with the download versions if you need more information.

Other event documents will be added as they become available!

General Event Documents
Event Flyer
The flyer contains general event details and a booking form.
SMMGP Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 217K)
Speaker Presentations
Addiction to Medicines - Findings from the DH commissioned reports from the NAC and NTA Mark Edginton Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 493K)
Problematic use of over-the-counter (OTC) medication: prevalence, evidence and how to manage people with these problems Dr Chris Ford Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 4.1MB)
Meeting the challenge of prescribed medication misuse in the community Dr Stephen Willott Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 418K)
What is the Size, Prevalence and Evidence of Misuse of Benzodiazepines and How do we Treat this in General Practice? Dr Fergus Law Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 537K)