SMMGP - Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Substance Misuse Management Good Practice

Supporting good practice in drug and alcohol treatment

Conference Reports & Presentations:
SMMGP 9th National Conference (Oct 2014)

Primary Care Development Conference:
"Treating Alcohol and Drug Problems in Primary Care - You know it makes sense"

23 October 2014
McDonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham
Conference organised by SMMGP

A number of presentations and workshop documents from the event are available to download below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (labelled "PDF"). Please see Help with the download versions if you need more information.

Other conference documents will be added as they become available!

General Conference Documents
Conference Flyer SMMGP Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 1.2MB)
Conference Programme
The Conference Programme contains general conference details.
SMMGP Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 86K)
Speaker Presentations
Pain management in people with alcohol and drug problems Dr Cathy Stannard Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 2.3MB)
Is there a role for primary care in the treatment of viral hepatitis? Ahmed Elsharkawy Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 3.3MB)
Tackling alcohol misuse in primary care - what's worked in Nottingham? Stephen Willott, Apollos Clifton-Brown Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 6.4MB)
Workshop Notes and Presentations
Workshop 2: Safeguarding in the new health system Michael O'Kane Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 162K)
Workshop 4: Naloxone - wider provision Dr Judith Yates Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 2.7MB)
Workshop 6: Clinical Update Dr Euan Lawson Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 995K)
Workshop 7: Ensuring evidence based Identification and Brief Advice (IBA): Quality vs time? James Morris Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 1.1MB)
Workshop 8: Addiction to medicines Dr Michael Kelleher Adobe Acrobat Document
PDF (.pdf, 4.5MB)