Alcohol and Health - a DDN Special Edition (Jul 2018)

Drink & Drugs News (DDN) in partnership with Alcohol Research UK have produced an 8-page guide, the first in their Wider Health series. This free resource is also available in print format, on request.

We all know that alcohol is linked to health problems – but the signs of harm are not always obvious. This is why DDN magazine has partnered with Alcohol Research UK to produce a special supplement on ‘Alcohol and Health’, the first guide in their Wider Health series.

The eight-page guide gives a clear and detailed overview of risks – and advice for people who are likely to encounter signs and symptoms in their everyday work.

The advice will be helpful in identifying symptoms, asking the right questions, and knowing when to refer. Importantly, it will help to brief busy professionals to help them identify signs of a problem much earlier.

The guide is interesting and informative - and useful in practice. Read it in digital format or download the PDF.