FDAP meets with Turkish Parliamentary Commission

The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) received an invitation during March to meet with a delegation of Turkish MPs, members of the Parliamentary Commission on Addiction, led by Dr Yilmaz Tezcan (Chair).

Elsa Browne on behalf of FDAP, accompanied by Board Trustee Hesketh Emden, met with the delegation on 28th March. 

The Turkish commission - with the meeting conducted via a translator - was interested in finding out about the following:

  • Information about the rules and regulations that cover training and certification of practitioners, professionals and NGOs that take part during the rehabilitation of people who use drugs problematically, and their social adaptation process.

  • Information about the organisation (FDAP) as well as arrangements for inspections. 

  • Information about the training given to public and private sector staff that work in treatment and rehabilitation.

We outlined the background of how FDAP came about namely that a need was identified for a register for people who worked in the field but did not necessarily have access to a professional body (unlike e.g. doctors, nurses and psychologists who do have a register). In response to our question as to how they learnt about FDAP and why they wished to meet with us, the delegation informed us that “FDAP is well-known” in their country, and we were also told that Turkey currently finds itself in much the same situation as the UK once was – with a need to establish a voluntary, self-monitoring organisation of high repute in the substance misuse sector in their country.

Having outlined the framework and assessment process that is applied to applications for FDAP membership and accreditation, we were pleased to report to the delegation that - with our strong links to distinguished academic institutions in the UK and our robust accreditation and assessment processes - FDAP is a respected professional body for the alcohol and other drugs treatment field in the UK and beyond.

We are proud that having been established for nearly 20 years, many people working in the field who do belong to a professional register, elect to also take up FDAP membership to uphold standards across the sector that encompass a humane approach to drug policies and treatment responses.

We appreciated this opportunity to highlight the benefits of FDAP membership and its work, and to share our enthusiasm for it with the Turkish delegation. The delegation voiced its thanks to our FDAP representatives for a “fruitful and informative meeting” and expressed their appreciation with the gift of a commemorative plate.


Meeting with Turkish delegation on 28th March

 Dr Yilmaz Tescan presents a commemorative plate on behalf of the visitors to Elsa Browne, with Board Trustee Hesketh Emden on his right.