One step closer to a Drug and Alcohol Practitioner Apprenticeship

The latest developments for an apprenticeship for the drug and alcohol sector (21.11.17)

On 31st October the Trailblazer Group (TbG) met to take forward ideas for an apprenticeship for the Drug and Alcohol Sector. As the process progresses there is increasing support for a sector-specific apprenticeship with a significant number of employers becoming involved.

The TbG will put forward a proposal for a Drug and Alcohol Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 4 qualification to the Institute for Apprenticeships at the end of this month. If accepted the TbG will then design a standard and an assessment plan for the apprenticeship. We hope to conduct a thorough consultation with the field in early 2018 with the aim of creating a standard that will match the needs of employers, providing training which will prepare staff well for working in the field and will ultimately provide the best service possible for our clients. 

This is an exciting time for workforce development in the drug and alcohol sector. With employers designing the standardisation of training for drug and alcohol practitioners we can hope to see an improvement in the provision of services, the retention of staff and the encouragement of new talent to the field. We hope to see the first apprenticeship courses for the sector roll out in 2019.

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Kate Halliday, SMMGP/ FDAP Interim Executive Director