Past "NETWORK" editions, Clinical Updates now available online

NETWORK and CLINICAL UPDATE back copies are now online. We are regularly asked for copies of an article or for back copies of editions of our newsletter NETWORK. We are delighted to announce that historical editions of NETWORK are now available to be read in digital format on any device (or downloaded). CLINICAL UPDATES, curated and edited by Dr Euan Lawson from 2009 to 2016 have also been added to the online archive.

 All previous editions of NETWORK – and indeed, every newsletter that SMMGP ever produced from way back in 1996, are now available online via the SALIS* website.

Dr Chris Ford, one of the founders of SMMGP says:

I vividly remember developing the first newsletter. I had been working with people who use drugs for a few years, loved the work and the patients but, as the numbers grew, I thought I better seek some knowledge (having had no training in medical school or GP training about drugs). 

I rapidly found there was nothing useful to me, only psychiatric tomes that said these patients were "mad and bad", which was not my experience. So along with a few friends we decided to arrange a conference and a newsletter to share ideas and experience. 

After sending out the first newsletter, we received so many compliments along the lines of “Thank you, it was written for me and it really helped me in general practice” with endless requests to join the mailing list. 

From there the newsletter grew and evolved. Articles were always written by people working with people who use drugs in general practice from their experience.

I feel immensely proud that what we started as a small acorn has grown into an enormous beautiful oak tree, which is owned, written and valued by members. It may not contain double-blind randomised trials but it contains oodles of experience, care and compassion.

Also in this archive are all the CLINICAL UPDATES from 2009 to 2016. Our Clinical Updates are summarised versions of recent academic research papers relevant to people who work in the substance misuse treatment field, with expert commentary by the editor.

Dr Euan Lawson, who edited the Clinical Updates during this time, comments:

I'm very proud to have been involved in the Clinical Updates and I'm delighted the archive is available. More than anything I hope they will help those working in the field to make sense of the evidence, apply it in their practice, and improve the health and wellbeing of the service users.

The SALIS collection is a digital archive of alcohol, tobacco and other drug books and documents and we are grateful to this group for providing this facility. We also take this opportunity to thank all the people who contributed articles, case histories and opinion pieces to this rich collection over many years. A special thanks to Christine Goodair, a member of SALIS based in the UK, whose interest and enthusiasm helped to bring this project to fruition.

The NETWORK newsletters and CLINICAL UPDATES (and everything in the SALIS library) may be read online or downloaded. In addition to the download option, up to 5 items may be e-borrowed for up to two weeks. All access is free of charge. The website has a powerful search facility, with keyword filters making it easy to find anything on a particular topic.

Like a paper library, SALIS provides free access for researchers, historians, scholars and the general public. There is more information on the Internet Archive SALIS Collection, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs website.

Access digital copies of NETWORK and CLINICAL UPDATES


From the main site (SALIS Collection), search for ‘SMMGP’ then 'Sort By' and CLICK on 'Date Published' to show the publications in descending date order. 

*Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists.